What you'll learn

In less than three hours, I will help you become familiar with Big data and Hadoop. You will understand Data Lake architecture and also learn about the challenges associated with Data Lake architecture. We will move further, learning the new Lakehouse platform architecture and How it solves data lake problems.

  • Become familiar with the Big Data processing and Hadoop platform. Understand Data Lake architecture and challenges with Data Lake platforms

  • Become familiar with the new Lakehouse Architecture. Prepare and Pass free Databricks Lakehouse fundamentals certification

  • Learn what Spark is and Get started with Spark. Learn what Databricks is and Get Started with Azure Databricks.

Course Content

20 lectures - 3 hours video - Exam Practice Test

    1. About the Course - Before you begin

    2. How to Access the LMS

    1. What is Big Data and How it Started

    2. Hadoop Architecture, History, and Evolution

    3. What is Data Lake and How it works

    4. Challenges with the Data Lake Architecture

    5. The Idea of Lakehouse Architecture

    1. Introducing Apache Spark and Databricks Cloud

    2. Spark Development Environments

    3. Setup your Databricks Community Cloud Environment

    4. Create your First Spark Application in Databricks Cloud

    1. Introducing Azure Databricks

    2. Creating Azure Free Account

    3. Azure Portal Overview

    4. Creating Azure Databricks Service

    5. Introduction to Azure Databricks Workspace

    6. Azure Databricks Architecture

    1. Mastering Spark and Databricks and Get Certified

    2. Lakehouse Fundamentals Practice Test

    3. Free Lakehouse Fundamental Certification

    4. Get your discounted or free voucher

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